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Dec. 16th, 2010

Saying goodbye...

Goodbye Autumn.

Helloooooooooo Winter (honestly I've always felt the beginning of December to be the official beginning of Winter. I've never been able to accept that most of December is technically still Autumn. Similarly, March = Spring, June = Summer, and September = Autumn.)

My current LJ avatar fits so perfectly with the current LJ header, I had to take a screenshot:

If anyone wants a pixel version of themselves for an avatar, I would be happy to make one <3

So... I had thought most of my life that I had lactose intolerance. I've always gotten really terrible stomach problems when consuming large amounts of dairy (say, a large glass of milk. Though if it's early enough in the morning any little bit will be enough to take me out.) But I didn't care. I love dairy, so I just dealt with it. Recently I decided that it was making me too dehydrated (because [TMITMITMI] it would give me painful diarrhea if I had any. Which I did, everyday, with two large glasses of milk tea [/TMI]) so I quit. The tea at least. The little bit I have on my cereal doesn't usually give me many problems (unless, as I've said, it's entirely too early in the morning.)

So I've been trying to take pills to make it so I am able to digest dairy. But nothing worked. Finally my mom said "I think you may have a milk allergy." I hadn't even heard of milk allergies, but they have allergies for everything under the sun, so I supposed it made sense. I went to look up information about milk allergies.

And... it explained just about all of my health problems. Not only the digestive problems, but the acne and skin rashes that I get all over my face, back, and between my breasts. I looked up pictures of people with rashes from milk allergies and they looked the exact same. It explained my respiratory problems (I often have difficulty breathing) and my eyes watering so much... If I really have this allergy, that means if I get rid of milk I could cure myself.

If I get rid of milk. Only problem is, I LOVE dairy products. When it comes to non-snack foods, I'm pretty much dairy = vegetables > breads > meats. Dairy is awesome. How can I get rid of it? But I may have to... Fortunately there are lots of foods I love that do not contain dairy. Japanese food, pastas without milk-based sauces, many varieties of soups and stews. There are so many foods I could eat without problems. But that means no more clam chowder, or milk tea, or cinnamon buns, or breads of any kind...

I've always been pretty ambivalent towards food... I didn't realize how much I'd miss some of it if I really couldn't eat anymore of it. I guess the only thing to do is reduce my dairy intake, and go in to get tested... I don't want to give up milk, but I'd much rather be healthy.

Nov. 9th, 2010

Latin and game memes.

Latin is weird. That's all I can really say about that. But I really am planning to learn it (fortunately, Latin is a language I would never be required to produce anything for.) I've always wanted to learn Latin... or quite a few other ancient languages (I have a book of Sanskrit on my shelf... I'll get around to that eventually.)

I want to learn at LEAST three more languages (though I'll probably learn more. Once you start, it's hard to stop.) One European, one Ancient, and one... unusual (I'm thinking about Welsh.)

Once I learn enough Latin, I need to get this.

Day 3: A game that is underrated.Collapse )

Game meme.

Day 2: Your favorite character.Collapse )

I beat Gabriel Knight today, for the first time in awhile. But that, is a post for another time.

Nov. 8th, 2010


Wow, it's been awhile since I last wrote. School takes it out of me far more than I would have thought... actually, this term of three classes has been far more work than all the times I took five classes a term back when I was going for my degrees (to be fair, art and Japanese classes don't really take a large amount of work. For me anyway. It was just like, uh... show up.) I guess because classes like English Grammar are a bit difficult to bullshit through. And I'm pretty used to bullshitting my way to an A. Let me tell you, university-level English Grammar is NOT like whatever you may have studied in high school. It just isn't.

Anyway... I finished a few games recently. The most horrid of which being KH re:coded. Apparently the game is getting rave reviews among fans (many of which haven't played the game, what?) Near the end I got so annoyed with the shmup level I just turned it to Beginner and didn't bother to turn it back because I just didn't care. I hate it when RPGs make non-RPG things mandatory to beat them. If I wanted to play a shmup, I'd play a shmup. I don't need you throwing it in my face! At least most RPGs only pretend that you have to get through that part to beat them (like the stealth part in Crisis Core. After awhile they were just like, wow you suck. We feel so bad for you, we're just going to let you go on ahead anyway.) The whole game felt pointless/waste of time/etc. Apologies to anyone out there who enjoyed the game... I just couldn't take it.

I also beat Suikoden V. FINALLY. It didn't take me two years to get around to beating it because it was a bad game... just needing to armor/beef up 18 characters to get through the final dungeon was a liiiiittle stupid. It took me five more hours to get through that, and then two hours to beat the game and get through the ending. Final boss was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I didn't get the true ending because my suckiness at strategy battles prevented me from recruiting all 108 characters. It's the first time that has ever happened to me in a Suikoden game... but I don't know if I'll be playing through it again. Well, we'll see. I've played through the first Suikoden three times, but that's a 25 hour game, not a 70 hour one.

I also started playing Xenosaga I+II DS.

... this is possibly one of the worst games I've ever played. I don't know whether this is because I'm talking as someone who really enjoyed the original PS2 games and just miss what they've taken out, or just because the game really truly does suck. The original games had a lot of movie-like dialogue and walking down pretty corridors. This game is almost entirely dialogue, without animations so it's kind of like reading a screenplay, with ten minute spates of walking down almost entirely featureless corridors. All dungeons look ALMOST EXACTLY the same, with new wallpaper. In the nine hours I've played, 50 minutes has been ACTUAL gameplay. The rest is reading text boxes. TEXT BOXES--FOR ETERNITY. This is coming from someone who doesn't typically mind games that are over-talkative. I wouldn't bother finishing it, but I've already finished every other Xeno- game out there. I sort of feel an obligation.

Also: I keep seeing several people doing this meme, and it's the only one of the 30 day memes I've been tempted to try. Soooo, here we go!

Video game-type memesCollapse )

Aug. 20th, 2010


Experimenting with a new style. Y/N?

I swear drawing this one was an accident!Collapse )

Catherine: totally looking forward to it. A lot of people seem to be confused and thinking it's an H-game. Sure it's got some sexy times in it, but it's also rated Cero C. Doubt it will be too explicit. It definitely looks like the sex is there as a plot device rather than just to get people off.

And there's sheep. Totally gives me a Murakami vibe, and I like that.

Jul. 26th, 2010


FFXIII novel complete.

It TOOK me long enough. I'm so lazy. But the last chapter especially was so boring. I just couldn't get into completing it. Vanille's angsting = annoying as hell. Of course, all of them angsted equally in their own chapters, but by the final chapter it kind of gets old.

But what's an FF with out a massive amount of angsting, hm? No FF worthy of the name!

Post other things later tonight (I promise!)

Jul. 1st, 2010


I promised myself I'd write an actual blog entry once I got to around 100 hours in Xenoblade (note that I promised myself this yesterday, as when I started playing it I didn't expect to be playing this game for over 100 hours.) Sadly the game counter stops at 99:59 hours... for some reason. With a game that has this much content, that's absurd. I'm not even near the end yet... well, I'm sort of near the end. Probably about 4/5ths of the way through. Still lots of stuff to do though!

I LOVE this game. Probably the best console RPG I've played this gen (and that's saying something for me, since I've actually enjoyed most of the console RPGs that I've played this gen... unlike a lot of people.) The battle system is... well, it's okay. It's not fabulous fun, but it gets the job done. It's not annoying in any case, which does happen on occasion. What I do love is the characters/world/exploration. There are sooooo many quests to do, it's INSANE. And a good deal of them aren't just "kill x number of monsters please" although they DO have that sort of quest. But a lot of the quests have stories that give a lot of personality to the NPCs and the world. In the game there is a "relationships" system with a map that shows all the (named) NPCs you can talk to in the world and their relationships to each other. As you talk to them and do quests their relationships change, opening up new quests. I love the amount of detail and personality they put into the NPCs... and there are a LOT of them. I haven't even gotten to them all!

The world is large and beautiful. A good deal of my time has just been spent exploring it. Though some areas are more detailed than others (obvious corner-cutting is obvious.) Though they describe it as a "seamless world", that's quite a bit of a misnomer. Sure when you're in an area there is no loading between sections, but it's not an entirely open world with no delineation between areas. It's sort of like... if FFXIII is a piece of string (with big ball somewhere near the end~) then Xenoblade is link sausage. Huge areas that are linked together by these tiny little passage-ways in a nice neat line. There is also quite a rash of what I call "Improbable Cliffs" that keep you from being able to explore TOO much. Improbable Cliffs are straight up and down cliffs that surround any area in game that pretends you aren't being penned in when you really are (while I'm sure there are quite a few of these sorts of cliffs in real life, I've never seen them and they crop up too often in games to be a coincidence.) I see this happen so often in modern games, and I have to cringe whenever I see it. It's only a step up of the idiocy of your characters not being able to surmount a five inch high rock. Of course they mix it up a bit with impossibly sheer drop offs and dense forests, but the Improbable Cliffs still reign supreme. Still, despite that (slight) complaint, the world is large and varied. Some areas are so beautiful that I almost cry with the lack of an in-game camera (this really should be a REGULAR FEATURE of modern games and I'm starting to get pissed off with how many games do not include it.)

I'm quite enjoying the story, though I would say it isn't as engaging as Xenogears (I know I shouldn't be comparing the two, but... Takahashi...) It's pretty standard Takahashi fare though. Big robots with religious overtones. I'm in love with the concepts in the story. Two gods battling, and then a whole world and civilization developing on their corpses. That's pretty damn awesome. There are other awesome points to the plot, but that would be going too much into spoilers, which I don't want to write about yet. The writing eh... well, it's sometimes good, but sometimes down right awful. While they have a lot of big name voice actors, the voice acting is honestly pretty mediocre which makes the writing seem worse than it is. On top of that, the characters lack lip sync and look like they're just flapping their lips at random (the fact that they added boob jiggle for Carna but didn't bother with lip sync irritates the hell out of me. I also would have preferred them to ditch the armor changing feature for slightly better characters models and lip sync.)

I really love all of the characters. I thought I would be annoyed with them, but I'm actually not. This may in part be because there isn't one single character under the age of 18 (slight spoiler there I suppose...) Fiorung annoys me near the beginning (she was just so cliche anime girl who would slap a guy for accidentally seeing up her skirt) but she gets far more awesome towards the end (without going into spoilers...) I love how despite being a blonde kid, Shulk is NOT your typical brash idiotic main character. He actually THINKS THINGS THROUGH and is the smartest member of the party (wow, an actual REASON for him being leader. What a concept!) For once we have a nerd as the leader rather than young idiot or Mr. Badass. I love how Carna isn't a stereotype. She's a hard character to describe... she's not a badass with a gun and she's not a delicate healer. She's a badass chick who HEALS WITH HER GUN. Hell yeah. I love how Dunban is the 'old worldly warrior' but he's NOT ALWAYS RIGHT ALL THE TIME. And he shows EMOTIONS rather than just being stoic and badass. Rein isn't just a big idiot, he's also ROMANTIC (as you'll notice if you take him along on enough romantic quests...) I could go on and on about these characters.

While I don't find the Vision system all too useful in battle, it's quite useful in other cases. I think it's great how it sometimes will warn you if you're about to be attack by something that can kill you in one hit, so you have enough time to run away. It's also nice how it sometimes tells you when you'll need an item for a quest later in the game, so you won't sell it. I like how they've incorporated a major story-line plot point into the game system like this. Sometimes games will have systems that seem to just being randomly in place, with no connections to the story or the characters. I would like to see more of these story related systems.

The music is excellent, though sadly only a few tracks were composed by Shimomura. The rest of the soundtrack was composed by several untried composers, and they did a fabulous job. My particular favorites being this, this, this and this. While I like this one in battle, listening to it outside of the game just made me realize that it's basically visual kei that's missing one grating male vocalist (though I really like the beginning part and the horn section part, it's the part after that which is sort of... yeah...)

Despite my complaints (I criticize because I love! ... you guys should know that by now) I absolutely ADORE this game. I hope that it comes to the US and EU and that every single one of you plays it. Don't have a Wii or play games you say? I DON'T CARE >:|

Uh... not much else has been going on I guess. Going to see Twelfth Night in Ashland with my mother in a couple weeks, it's going to be awesome~ Evening outdoor theater in July is the best! Hope it doesn't rain, we've been having some funky weather this year.

Mar. 3rd, 2010

(no subject)

I hate this painting and there is absolutely nothing to be done that could make me hate it less. But I'm going to post it here anyway so I can at least get it out of the way.

So the other day I was looking around my collection when I spied the instruction booklet for Final Fantasy II (US II that is.) I don't have many of them left from back in the day, this being the only one (but oddly enough I still have the world map poster from Secret of Mana. How I've managed to hold on to that for sixteen years I'll never know.)

Anyway, it has some instructional gems:



To make your character walk, pres the directional pad up, down, right or left to the direction of your choice. Sometimes other manipulations are necessary.

Entering/Exiting Rooms

Normally, you are able to enter rooms by walking right through the door. However, some rooms are sealed. You will be able to enter these rooms as the story progresses.

Using the Staircase

To move the floor above, stand on an ascending staircase. A descending staircase will take you to the floor below.

Talking to People

When you want to get information from people, stand in front of them and press the A Button. A message will appear on a screen as shown in the photo.

The Hero's Actions Make Things Happen

In the game, your actions determine the progress of the story. New developments will take place as you listen to a special message, or enter a special area.


A lot of the instructions are just so... no, really!? You don't say! But I suppose at one point these things might have been difficult because they were new. Well, certainly not to ME as I never read the instruction manuals from old games. I actually read them more often NOW because they switch up the game systems so much these days I don't know what's going on half the time.

Oh, and I found this section kind of funny in light of all the arguments going on about TOWNS in RPGs lately:


Towns play an important role in the progress of the story. We'll explain the things you can do in towns here.

In the towns, there are Inns to recover your HPs, as well as Shops which sell weapons, armor, and items to equip yourself before starting on your adventure.


Well it's no wonder everyone is so obsessed with towns! Look at how they've been brainwashed from an early age on their importance!

This morning my cat decided to crawl under the covers with me after she had been out in the rain. Damn cat.

Feb. 28th, 2010


This whole thing has made me realize: you know what? I'm online too much. It's stressing me out. I'm disconnecting myself for awhile. I'll allow myself an hour a day to check things, I mean I still have friends in far away places that I have to keep in contact with, but I just need a break from internet STUFF. I spend too much of my life connected to this screen. I'm surprised I don't have wires going up my butt. I don't want this anymore.


Feb. 25th, 2010

*pew pew*

Some of you may recognize... "parts" of this one from months ago. I think I had to redo about 80% of the painting to make it what it is now. I had originally planned to detail in the entire city, but I liked it so much as that black outline I ended up going with that instead. Hope it doesn't look too odd.

I had meant to work on translations, but I felt this sudden flow of creative energy that I haven't felt for a long time. I had to paint you understand. So I've been painting for the past three days, only taking time to eat and sleep. I just can't believe this feeling... I haven't felt this way since July! Sure I've done paintings, but I sort of had to force them out of myself.

The one I'm working on now I absolutely adore... only one problem. I just can't seem to find the correct background! It's unusual that I would get so far in working on the figure without starting work detailing the background. It's really the next step on the painting, but I just don't know where to go with it... (sigh) Oh well, I guess I must get back to it.

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